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Book: Understanding the BRI through Simulation

This will be the core book in a series on Understanding the B&R Initiative Through Simulation, which will cover the BRI and the use of simulation as an educational tool, provide a guide to BRI simulation, present a case study used in the pilot simulation, and offer guidance on the various skills required to participate effectively in the simulation. Its goal is to help readers create strategies for and promote the implementation of BRI-related projects. In addition, it will show teams how to use the corresponding knowledge and skills to conduct cross-cultural exchanges and negotiations.


As the Belt and Road Initiative continues to grow, and the world’s interconnections gradually increase, professional skills are increasingly called for in diplomacy, law, policy formulation, administration, and the internationalization of local standards or the localization of international standards. It is crucial to cultivate and expand the local talents for internationally shared facilities and business, and in so doing, to facilitate local economic development and local investment. This book encourages readers to use international perspectives to understand and observe current legal issues and international affairs, and seeks to improve their international vision and mastery of knowledge at the intersection of law and international affairs, their understanding of local cultures and globalization, and their skills in researching, international negotiations, public speaking, debating, and writing, as well as their creative and critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills.


Key Feature of the Book:

  • Provides extensive training materials for international negotiations regarding BRI projects – both in terms of skills and knowledge

  • Promotes the use of simulation as a method for professional legal education in Mainland China

  • Facilitates the development of strategies for implementing BRI-related projects

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