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FLIA submits our heartiest thankfulness
to following partners and advisors:
Our Partners


The Foundation for Law and International Affairs (FLIA) extends our deepest gratitude towards our partners.​​



Shanghai University of Finance & Economics Law School​;

Deakin Law School


Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm (JT&N)

Thanks to the support of the advisory board, we are able to create a new model of transnational negotiation and global governance.

Advisory Board


Mark Poustie:  Professor of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Law School, Scholar of Chinese Thousand Talents, an Environmental Law expert


胡凌(Ling Hu): Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Law School, Ph.D. of HongKong University


葛伟军 (Weijun Ge): Associate Dean and Professor of Shanghai University of Fianance and Economics Law School


章晓科 (Xiaoke Zhang): A senior partner of Beijing Jincheng Tongda (Shanghai) Law Firm, an international professional lawyer with rich experience in foreign legal services


梁晓晖 (Xiaohui Liang): Deputy Chief Economist of China Textile Information Center, the first-term of “the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Pioneers”, Adjunct Professor of China University of Political Science and Law, Corporate Social Responsibility Expert


沈伟 (Wei Shen): Dean of Shandong University Law School, Distinguished Professor of Shanghai Oriental Scholars, Professor of Global Law at New York University School of Law, Ph.D. of London School of Economics and Political Science


许多奇 (Duoqi Xu): Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University KoGuan Law School, Deputy graduate chair of the Economic Law graduate school, Executive Director of the Center for Financial Law and Policy,  Expert of international financial law


廖诗评 (Shiping Liao): Associate Professor of Beijing Normal University School of Law, Juris Doctor, Director of EU Law Research of China European Society, Director of China International Law Society, Member of China Ocean Law Society


徐海燕 (Haiyan Xu): Professor of University of International Business and Economics School of Law, Doctor of Juridical Science of University of Michigan, Expert of International Tax Law


侯佳儒 (Jiaru Hou): Professor of China University of Political Science and Law, Director of Beijing Legal Negotiation Society, Director of Institute of Green Development Strategies      


韩忠亮(Han Zhong liang):  Researcher of Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, Juris Doctor from the China University of Political Science and Law, Peking University ‘s postdoctoral fellow in Economics, Expert in endogeneity of economic systems, Founder of Han Zhongliang's English Teaching Method


Larry Backer: Internationally renowned scholars, Professor of Pennsylvania State University Law School, Expert on Belt and Road related issues​


Last but not least, we acknowledge and appreciate all whose work, research and book helped us organize this simulation. 

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