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The Third Competition

It has been four years since we had our second BRI simulation competition in 2019 due to the pandemic.

In 2024, the third BRI simulation competition returns!

The Third BRI simulation competition 2.png

An Upgrade!

East China University of Political Science and Law will hold the third Belt and Road Initiative Simulation Negotiation Competition on March 9 and 10, 2024, in Shanghai, China. After four years of precipitation, the competition has been newly broadened and upgraded in terms of scale, the competition system, and other aspects. More than 700 Chinese students and international students from about 70 universities in China will be participating in this competition.

The Executive Team

  • 李晓郛 - Xiaofu Li

  • 俞卜嫄 - Buyuan Yu

  • 张毅恒 - Yiheng Zhang

  • 姚一雯 - Yiwen Yao

  • 任兴娅 - Xingya Ren

  • 沈昱霖 - Yulin Shen

  • 杨欣颖 - Xinying Yang

  • 韩非儿 - Feier Han

  • 蔡钰欣 - Yuxin Cai

  • 杨竤博 - Hongbo Yang

  • 田子卉 - Zihui Tian

  • 黄凤智 - Fengzhi Huang

  • 罗晓琴 - Xiaoqin Luo

  • 沈若妍 - Ruoyan Shen

The Third BRI simulation competition.png

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